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The crisp fall air is replacing the sun in Seattle, which means brown bag lunches and spelling tests are returning in full force. Back to school is all about new beginnings and a great time to try out some new recipes in the kitchen. This homemade fruit leather recipe using Grapes from California is a [...]

I like to cook to match my mood. Some days I’m feeling sweet and I’ll whip up a summer pie, but today I’m feeling sassy and need a meal with a bit of a bite. As the summer days wind down I’m harvesting all the freshness from my garden and these tasty pepper-crusted ahi steaks [...]

Popsicles have been all the rage this summer and this recipe from California Table Grape Commission is our new favorite treat–easy, delicious, refreshing, and a guilt-free alternative to ice cream. You can use black grapes for purple pops or red grapes for a pinker color–always a fun experiment for the kiddies. Let us know how they turn [...]

You’ve waited patiently for months and now it’s finally time to reap your fresh harvest from the vine. These juicy tomatoes are great to have on hand  for a snack or side dish. They are perfect with pasta and will make any ordinary sandwich a whole lot more flavorful. Roasted Herbed Roma Tomatoes Makes 12 halves [...]

With only a couple of months of hot weather in Seattle, summer is about grilling anything and everything.  Whenever we can, we open the sliding glass doors at the Studio and grill some glorious dogs and burgers on the deck. It’s always a favorite meal among our clients. It must be something about that good [...]

This is the season for fresh food that can be prepped easily and tastes great.   These specially tested recipes will satisfy your taste buds and keep you energized during these long summer days. This week we are featuring crunchy pickled carrots, asparagus and farro salad and a refreshing salmon dish. Enjoy! Carrot Pickles Serves 4 [...]

The first time I met Deborah Nease, owner of LockHart Baking Company, things just clicked. I started shooting for her over ten years ago and we still see things the same way. Her first company CIBO (which was sold two years ago) made some of the best products I’ve ever tasted. Now her new company, LockHart Baking Co. [...]

The cupcake craze has officially left Seattle. Now everyone has their eyes on the pies. This cultural change couldn’t come soon enough.  Cupcakes are like Kim Kardashian. They may look good on the outside, but make you wonder why you just wasted five minutes of your life on vaguely satisfying crap. Summer pies are like [...]

Step aside olives. There’s a new martini garnish in town. On Fridays I’ll be posting my favorite cocktail creations to help you kick off happy hour in style. Let’s just hope your office has a liquor cabinet. Scott Pitts is the photographer of “taste” for Armstrong Pitts Studios and the director of “appetite” for Epicure Films.  You can [...]

It’s National Dairy Month and I couldn’t let June slip by without sharing one of my favorite recipes from Fresh. You already know butter makes anything better, but compound butter brings out the best in any dish. Simply put, a compound butter is nothing more than butter with extra style. With a little imagination and [...]

Get those coolers out of storage and head to the Reservation because 4th of July is just around the corner. If you’re like most Americans you’re probably heading to a picnic, party or potluck and need the perfect dish to wow your family and friends. No one likes being responsible for the untouched Jell-O salad [...]

It’s National Seafood Month and we’ve got a mouthwatering dinner in store for you! These recipes are packed with all your favorite seafood staples and would make a great meal for a group of 4 or more. The first is a saffron-scented fish stew  from renowned chef Domenica Marchetti, the master of Italian soup.  To balance this [...]

We’ve had some fun around here with our client NWCherries. I got to shoot some delicious tasting treats (cherry sorbet!) and well… Scott got to entertain kids while taking photos for the international campaign – I think I got the easier part of the shoot…

Okay maybe she isn’t personally loving us, but her blog loves our G magazine – We are so excited we got a posting, including a favorite photo shot at Holly Smith’s Cafe Juanita. With 760,000 readers we are sure to get a few hits – and soon we’ll be in the magazine… Check us out: http://www.oprah.com/blogs/A-New-Way-to-Eat-Grapes-for-Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-and-Dessert

So far summer has been rip roaring busy, which is why I’ve not kept up on the e-Bay postings.  We are very excited about the release of the new G magazine (for California Grapes, of course).  It is just cool- one of those rare projects that is better all together than the shoots were by [...]

Well it has been a little while since I posted an Ebay editorial but it has been rather a hectic at the studio and in life in general…there are a lot of irons in the fire at the moment but  I’ve finally had a spare moment to cruise my little addiction (it is only midnight!) [...]

Well it has been a busy time at the studio- the new Fresh Magazine Volume 4- who ever thought when we started it’d turn into an annual event!  I am looking forward to my year sojourn to whisper to cows… But on to this round of auction picks… Pick #1 To start off I’ve found [...]

This weeks wonders…well feeling a bit out of sorts – full moon waning…so of course I turned to eBay at 3am one morning and found something to cheer me up (better than taking up drink at that wee hour) and my new search being “ox bone” as that is new name for antique ivory since [...]

Well I’ve just been watching way too much Anderson Cooper/CNN and I can’t help but think nothing will ever be the same for Japan…I’ve enjoy crafts and antiques from Japan, never have collected but the occasional item- several of the fabrics I’ve listed here in the past have come from a dealer I buy from [...]

Art is many things- and with this blog I’ve tried to bring reasonably priced art work available to anyone with an eBay account- Sometimes what I pick happens to exceed the expectations of a reasonable auction- two weeks ago I entered a grouping of drawings from a Soviet artist- it started out low enough but [...]